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Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)
Merge more updates from Andrew Morton: - almost all of the rest of MM - misc bits - KASAN updates - procfs - lib/ updates - checkpatch updates * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (124 commits) checkpatch: remove false unbalanced braces warning checkpatch: notice unbalanced else braces in a patch checkpatch: add another old address for the FSF checkpatch: update $logFunctions checkpatch: warn on logging continuations checkpatch: warn on embedded function names lib/lz4: remove back-compat wrappers fs/pstore: fs/squashfs: change usage of LZ4 to work with new LZ4 version crypto: change LZ4 modules to work with new LZ4 module version lib/decompress_unlz4: change module to work with new LZ4 module version lib: update LZ4 compressor module lib/test_sort.c: make it explicitly non-modular lib: add CONFIG_TEST_SORT to enable self-test of sort() rbtree: use designated initializers linux/kernel.h: fix DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST to support negative divisors lib/find_bit.c: micro-optimise find_next_*_bit lib: add module support to atomic64 tests lib: add module support to glob tests lib: add module support to crc32 tests kernel/ksysfs.c: add __ro_after_init to bin_attribute structure ...
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