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authorTycho Andersen <>2019-03-06 13:14:12 -0700
committerJames Morris <>2019-04-23 16:21:12 -0700
commit6beff00b79ca0b5caf0ce6fb8e11f57311bd95f8 (patch)
treeefd63b3a4a3fcfbe6425875a9f96b512dbf52fe5 /kernel/seccomp.c
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seccomp: fix up grammar in comment
This sentence is kind of a train wreck anyway, but at least dropping the extra pronoun helps somewhat. Signed-off-by: Tycho Andersen <> Acked-by: Kees Cook <> Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
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diff --git a/kernel/seccomp.c b/kernel/seccomp.c
index 54a0347ca812..503d02896c5d 100644
--- a/kernel/seccomp.c
+++ b/kernel/seccomp.c
@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ static int is_ancestor(struct seccomp_filter *parent,
* Expects sighand and cred_guard_mutex locks to be held.
* Returns 0 on success, -ve on error, or the pid of a thread which was
- * either not in the correct seccomp mode or it did not have an ancestral
+ * either not in the correct seccomp mode or did not have an ancestral
* seccomp filter.
static inline pid_t seccomp_can_sync_threads(void)