tag namefor-4.21 (fa9ecb72c4b6f0b85575f9dfa668dca02b50c9f4)
tag date2019-01-04 14:40:10 +0000
tagged byRussell King <>
tagged objectcommit 6de92920a7...
Included in this update:
- Florian Fainelli noticed that userspace segfaults caused by the lack of kernel-userspace helpers was hard to diagnose; we now issue a warning when userspace tries to use the helpers but the kernel has them disabled. - Ben Dooks wants compatibility for the old ATAG serial number with DT systems. - Some cleanup of assembly by Nicolas Pitre. - User accessors optimisation from Vincent Whitchurch. - More robust kdump on SMP systems from Yufen Wang. - Sebastian Andrzej Siewior noticed problems with the SMP "boot_lock" on RT kernels, and so we convert the Versatile series of platforms to use a raw spinlock instead, consolidating the Versatile implementation. We entirely remove the boot_lock on OMAP systems, where it's unnecessary. Further patches for other systems will be submitted for the following merge window. - Start switching old StrongARM-11x0 systems to use gpiolib rather than their private GPIO implementation - mostly PCMCIA bits. - ARM Kconfig cleanups. - Cleanup a mostly harmless mistake in the recent Spectre patch in 4.20 (which had the effect that data that can be placed into the init sections was incorrectly always placed in the rodata section.) -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIVAwUAXC9wVPTnkBvkraxkAQL9Ig/+Noy2YqJ/OpSvbsGC6k7qMU5b+99SW3Tu NvHLE7Y9XBp55QJqLvGW3N8QKOt86W7JVPprWoYiGqLyq3p8271IArrwdYjutn5h b03zVoMOW0o8q7uWjXbXk6vangsFGC/pI3o4aXrHUSCUR9ZttItpCprjdfVmwsA8 EOROZ0lzMlsjwcBZQq/pflHNr6IiEtulaBTgFx2cqKHFoW4QpR4d8yupqi4kyLLP C+WVXmp2YaxNZMuBXbLHq28Spkkt/6yNFgxsCnleVaEYjbZ5TvIaZYrd20NN7KSE 4smGfy5sgv5s1osxY00cVkvAARyRGrNIZ9Y3C1qH3+M+zaW3tsA46dUGC0cZmZPi OBRMx8SKqEwzPvL8Mhpj2aCOIzKtJzI52c6Oc4O/dwUZD7QIiA6yJrvmTbwvLDus korzyy1/YjpjGyDV2U3+eFalbwXdtsE6hh/Sv6LXIzX2KSLXd1LYyduYYc9hnh/m s99j3EGluRlMxB0IhcCOES4jEsAzttKdDXCPichxmjcsYWh1YZtoS+vKYVSXnv/S dJk0NuJcrmobV21qvr7U5C9mVek4DIF5CE2k3pcCmpbTk5G9nYMbCTBJWKdKq3WC z/oGhc/wwkfcFmqQrf9hJ+Fisn8uHmvE69X1QDe43nUg3xC6hD+O9+rVJhf+zAjB dgmMY+pPDHQ= =Yl96 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----