BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cex7bus: fsl-mc: add custom .dma_configure implementationLaurentiu Tudor3 months
clearfogimplement slot capabilities (SSPL)Russell King3 months
csi-v6media: fix VIDEO_DEV dependenciesRussell King3 months
fixesARM: 9071/1: uprobes: Don't hook on thumb instructionsFredrik Strupe4 weeks
for-nextMerge branch 'misc' into for-nextRussell King8 days
masterMerge tag 'for-linus-5.13-rc1' of git:// Torvalds9 days
mcbinDont-Auto-BuildRussell King12 days
rtcrtc: armada38x: provide set_offset_nsecRussell King3 months
sa1100ipaq sleeve updatesRussell King3 months
ziinet: phylink/dsa: fix DSA and CPU linksRussell King3 months
for-linuscommit 298a58e165...Russell King8 days
for-airlie-armadacommit 837567c1e9...Russell King22 months
for-airlie-tda998xcommit 45a19dd397...Russell King23 months
for-rc-adfscommit fc722a0429...Russell King23 months
for-4.21commit 6de92920a7...Russell King2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-02-20ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: document MPP usageclearfog-4.10Russell King
2017-02-20PCI: mvebu: extend PCIe reset durationRussell King
2017-02-20sfp: removal of defsRussell King
2017-02-20implement slot capabilities (SSPL)Russell King
2017-02-20mvebu/clearfog updatesRussell King
2017-02-20ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: add SFP module supportRussell King
2017-02-20ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: increase speed of i2c0 to 400kHzRussell King
2017-02-20ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: emmc on clearfog baseRussell King
2017-02-20Merge branches 'clearfog-sent', 'mvebu-cpuidle' and 'phy' into clearfogRussell King
2017-02-20ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: move uart nodesRussell King