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Documentation: update adfs filesystem documentationadfs
Add an introduction to adfs to its documentation detailing which formats are supported by the module. Signed-off-by: Russell King <>
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+Filesystems supported by ADFS
+The ADFS module supports the following Filecore formats which have:
+- new maps
+- new directories or big directories
+In terms of the named formats, this means we support:
+- E and E+, with or without boot block
+- F and F+
+We fully support reading files from these filesystems, and writing to
+existing files within their existing allocation. Essentially, we do
+not support changing any of the filesystem metadata.
+This is intended to support loopback mounted Linux native filesystems
+on a RISC OS Filecore filesystem, but will allow the data within files
+to be changed.
+If write support (ADFS_FS_RW) is configured, we allow rudimentary
+directory updates, specifically updating the access mode and timestamp.
Mount options for ADFS