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* arm64: dts: clearfog-gt-8k: add cooling mapsmcbinRussell King3 hours1-1/+121
* arm64: dts: clearfog-gt-8k: add pwm-fanRussell King3 hours1-0/+5
* arm64: dts: armada-cp11x: add pwm support to GPIO blocksRussell King3 hours1-0/+6
* gpio: mvebu: add PWM support for Armada 8kRussell King3 hours1-44/+104
* gpio: mvebu: honour EPROBE_DEFER for devm_clk_get()Russell King3 hours1-0/+3
* gpio: mvebu: convert pwm to regmapRussell King3 hours1-28/+37
* gpio: mvebu: fix PWM period calculationRussell King3 hours1-14/+10
* Dont-Auto-BuildRussell King3 hours1-0/+1
* usb: host: xhci: mvebu: add reset on resume quirkOfer Heifetz3 hours1-0/+10
* arm64: hacks and debugging from initial mcbin bringupRussell King3 hours1-0/+127
* arm64: dts: update SolidRun Armada 8040 phy interface typesRussell King3 hours3-5/+5
* arm64: dts: clearfog-gt-8k: set gigabit PHY reset deassert delayRussell King10 days1-0/+1
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: workaround wrongly wired i2c1 busRussell King10 days3-2/+29
* arm64: switch to using in-band negotiation with mvpp2x driverRussell King10 days2-1/+5
* arm64: dts: mcbin: support 2W SFP modulesRussell King10 days1-0/+3
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: use sfp+ compatible for sfp+ slotsRussell King10 days1-2/+2
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: add pinctrls for 10G PHYsRussell King10 days1-0/+38
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: add mvpp2x ethernet supportRussell King10 days3-0/+181
* arm64: dts: marvell: cp110: add Marvell mvpp2x ethernetRussell King10 days1-0/+78
* mvpp2x: fixupsRussell King10 days1-9/+14
* net: marvell: mvpp2x: switch to 10GBASE-RRussell King10 days3-5/+40
* net: marvell: mvpp2x: update mac_link_up() methodRussell King10 days1-4/+6
* net: marvell: mvpp2x: add eee supportRussell King10 days3-0/+42
* net: marvell: mvpp2x: convert to gmacRussell King10 days4-188/+23
* net: mvgmac: support different hw versionsRussell King10 days3-13/+113
* net: mvneta: split out GMACRussell King10 days5-263/+422
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: wire up fan control as a gpio pinRussell King10 days1-1/+4
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: add remainder of pinctrlsRussell King10 days1-1/+14
* arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: add comments about unused MPP pinsRussell King10 days1-0/+2
*-. Merge branches 'mvebu', 'mvpp2' and 'net-queue' into mcbinRussell King10 days61-1522/+4030
|\ \
| | * net: phylink, dsa: eliminate phylink_fixed_state_cb()Russell King10 days3-43/+29
| | * net: mvpp2: fill in phy interface mode bitmapRussell King10 days1-0/+23
| | * net: mvneta: fill in phy interface mode bitmapRussell King10 days1-0/+16
| | * net: phylink: use phy interface mode bitmapsRussell King10 days2-19/+98
| | * net: sfp: add interface bitmapRussell King10 days4-21/+59
| | * net: phy: add supported_interfaces to marvell10g PHYsRussell King10 days1-0/+4
| | * net: phy: add supported_interfaces to marvell PHYsRussell King10 days1-0/+9
| | * net: phy: add supported_interfaces to bcm84881Russell King10 days1-0/+4
| | * net: phy: add supported_interfaces to phylibRussell King10 days1-0/+23
| | * net: mvpp2: add port support helpersRussell King10 days1-16/+27
| | * net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: fix vlan setupRussell King10 days3-4/+10
| | * net: sfp: display SFP module information [*not for mainline*]Russell King10 days4-11/+349
| | * net: sfp: add sfp+ compatible [*not for mainline*]Russell King10 days1-0/+1
| | * net: sfp: add debugfs supportRussell King10 days1-0/+55
| | * net: sfp: add support for cooled SFP+ transceiversRussell King10 days1-6/+9
| | * net: phy: make phy_error() report which PHY has failedRussell King10 days1-1/+1
| | * net: phy: marvell10g: allow PHY to probe without firmwareRussell King10 days1-1/+18
| | * net: phy: provide phy driver start/stop hooksRussell King10 days2-0/+8
| | * net: phy: marvell*: add support for hw resolved pause modesRussell King10 days2-2/+45
| | * net: phy: add resolved pause supportRussell King10 days2-0/+15